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‘Aliens’ displayed in Congress make news around the globe

Jaime Maussan is on a mission for Mexico to become the first nation in the world to officially accept that extraterrestrial life exists on Earth.

pg1aA 70-year-old celebrity ufologist often dismissed by the scientific community as slightly wacky, Maussan has this week finally found a worldwide audience, although it remains to be seen whether his new-found international fame lasts more than 15 minutes.

Maussan jumped at the chance to be in the limelight when Mexico’s Senate scheduled a public hearing focusing on “Unidentifed Anomalous Phenomena” or UAPS, a newish term that replaces UFOs, describing objects detected in the air, sea and space that defy easy explanation.

Similar to a session held by a U.S. Congress subcommittee in July, federal legislators heard witnesses from several countries, including three U.S. veterans, give accounts of firsthand experiences with unknown objects while flying.  One of these was Ryan Graves, a former Navy fighter pilot and the executive director of the Americans for Safe Aerospace, who also testified at the U.S. congressional subcommittee investigation earlier this year.  Pilots, air traffic controllers and astronomers all offered testimony, while videos of unusual aerial encounters were shown. Enrique Kolbeck, a pilot and 48-year air traffic control veteran, spoke of four “confirmed” encounters of aircraft with unidentified phenomena, including one incident in 1994 when an Aeroméxico plane that departed from Guadalajara was “visited” and “struck” by two objects.

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