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Plenty to enjoy in the festive month of May

As temperatures continue rising throughout the hottest weeks of the year, a string of holidays will break everyday routines and help counteract heat-induced lethargy. Special dates coming up on the calendar over the next month include:

Tuesday, April 30: Dia del Niño (Children’s Day), fun and games for little nippers.

Wednesday, May 1: Dia del Trabajo (Labor Day), an official holiday for all salaried workers who are entitled to a day off with full pay. The Catholic church dedicates this date to San Jose Obrero y Artesano (Saint Joseph, worker and craftsman).

Friday, May 3: Dia de la Santa Cruz (Day of the Holy Cross). Masons and builders attach gaily-adorned crosses at the pinnacle of all construction sites and celebrate their special day with boisterous feasting and lots of noisy fireworks. The faithful throughout the lakeshore area will festoon crosses known as destination points for religious processions and adorn services with flowers and paper streamers. Several Ajijic neighborhoods and the town of Mezcala mark the day by devising colorful altar displays laden with fruits, special breads and other food items.

Monday, May 5: Cinco de Mayo, another national holiday commemorating the defeat of French forces at the famed 1862 Battle of Puebla.

Saturday, May 10: Dia de las Madres (Mother’s Day). The entire country breaks with normal daily routines on this date to honor Mexican mothers. The day begins often begins with las mañanitas—early morning musical serenades brought to mom’s doorstep. She will also be regaled with fresh bouquets, gifts and other tokens of esteem during happy family gatherings.

Thursday, May 15: Dia del Maestro (Teacher’s Day). Also, the day that farmers and ranchers pay tribute to patron saint San Isidro Labrador with the blessing of seeds to be planted for summer crops, a festivity linked in antiquity to the Aztec rain god Tlaloc.

Friday, May 23: Dia del Estudiante (Student’s Day).

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