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Jalisco’s Pueblo Mágico issues under review

While inhabitants lament seeing absolutely no progress to enhance Ajijic’s status as a Pueblo Mágico destination, Chapala tourism Director Griselda Alcántar reports that representatives of the municipal government and the Magic Town Citizen’s Committee are actively involved in a series of workshops organized by the state government to analyze current problems and hash out strategies for the future.

During sessions held August 15 in San Sebastián del Oeste and August 29 in Tapalpa, delegates from all nine of Jalisco’s Pueblos Mágicos participated in discussions to map out a pathway for a implementing a new model developed specifically for this state. The aim is to make every magic town more attractive to tourists while improving quality of life for the local populace.

pueblo magico review

Key matters being addressed include diagnosis and effective ordinance of mobility and traffic, urban image standards and solid waste management, as well as creation and implementation of the position of Magic Town tourism agents.   

According to Alcántar, the list of urgent issues relevant to Ajijic drawn from the first two workshops includes 14 points solely related to traffic and mobility, plus a dozen more concerning other questions.

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