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8 out of 10 calls to 911 are not emergencies

What’s the main reason people call Jalisco’s 911 emergency line?  In reality, most calls are not for emergencies. 

State government data released for 2023 shows that 81 percent of calls were not related to any kind of emergency, even a minor one.  A large number of calls -  1,194,216 - listed were “silent,” where no one spoke or the caller quickly hung up. Meanwhile, the number of prank/obscene calls totaled 211,800. The largest number of calls for “real” emergencies were to report aggressive persons (64,479 calls), suspicious persons (44,375), excessive noise (41,320), family violence (35,368), other fires (33,361), intimate partner violence ( 29,741), traffic accidents without injuries (28,321), multiple accidents with injuries (26,841), emergency alarms activated (25,264) and violence against women (21,637). January 1 and December 25 were the days last year with the highest number of “real” 911 calls: 3.656 and 3,472 respectively. More calls were made on Sunday than any other day of the week, and 9 p.m. was the busiest time of the day for calls.

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