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Trompo Magico rejig takes shape

The project to revamp the Trompo Mágico children’s museum in Guadalajara has taken on an amazing new dimension, Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro enthused during a visit to the site this week.

pg6aAnnouncing that the name of the updated space will be changed to “Jalisco Paseo Interactivo” (Jalisco Interactive Walk), he said he expected the facility to be an “iconic” experience for residents and visitors, allowing them “to see Jalisco like you have never imagined.”

“Fun, science, technology and culture will converge” in the renovated and enlarged space, Alfaro said, showcasing “the identity of Jalisco, the state where mexicanidad (Mexicanness) emerged.”

The project will seek “to pay homage to Jalisco through 90 immersive, interactive and innovative exhibitions,” added First Lady Joanna Santillán, president of the Voluntariado Jalisco Solidario. “This place will represent our traditions, but in a way that has never been seen before,” she said.

The new museum will also feature a “flying theater,” a simulator ride in which the illusion of flight is created through motion synchronized with film.  “People will now be able to see the wonders of Jalisco from the air,” Alfaro said.

Since the Trompo Mágico closed for general renovations in 2019, the project has been transformed, with the plans now almost tripling its surface area from 3,000 to 8,300 square meters.

The Trompo Mágico opened more than two decades ago but given the fast pace of technological innovation many of its exhibits had become outdated or obsolete.

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