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The nearshoring boom: another Chinese firm commits to Jalisco

Gettel, a Chinese leader in the manufacturing and development of advanced plastics, has announced it will be setting up shop in Jalisco next year.

This state is becoming more appealing to Chinese companies seeking near-shoring opportunities to bring them closer to the United States and optimize their supply chains.  Locating in Jalisco also allows them to take advantage of this state’s favorable business climate, and well-educated labor force.

Gettel primarily produces BOPP (Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene) plastic film now used widely in the packaging, labeling and laminating industries. It is produced by extruding polypropylene resin into a thin film and then stretching it in two perpendicular directions, known as biaxial orientation.

Vettel currently operates 20 production lines and seven factories worldwide, and supplies more than 30 provinces in China, exporting to around 50 countries in Asia, Europe and North America.

The new plant will open in March 2025 and be located in the  Centro Logístico de Jalisco in Acatlán de Juárez, about 20 kilometers south of the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

Once fully operational, the plant is expected to create around 400 jobs.

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