Last updateFri, 18 Jun 2021 4pm

Is the civilized world circling the drain?

Is murder now a commonplace news item we don’t even pay much attention to or show much outrage over anymore? The bloody version of Whack-a-Mole?

The drug cartels believe assassinations are just politics as usual, “democratic” in a neolithic sort of way. Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that mass killings in Jalisco alone since 2018 surpassed the entire United States. Meanwhile, gun violence north of the border has become so commonplace that they may start a news section as commonplace as the weather: “And now, here’s Todd, to give us a round-up of today’s murders and shootings.”

When I hear philosophers today talking about how wonderful the civilized world has become, I have to go and get another drink. The evidence simply isn’t there.


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