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Creepy, but not dangerous creatures of rural Mexico

If you live in rural Mexico or occasionally pass the night in a rustic cabin or campsite, you are bound to run into creeping creatures that you may never have seen back where you grew up.

pg9aBecause, in a moment of panic, we might feel an Impulse to squish that unfamiliar bug, I’d like to present here just a few creepers that may not be exactly glamorous (except to a biologist or an unspoiled baby) but present no danger to human beings and should be left to go on their way or perhaps be given a little assistance in getting out of your house.

I’m a member of a rural community which has recently come closer together thanks to a WhatsApp chat. In the past. a neighbor of mine who found a bizarre looking creature in his or her bed might have dispatched it without hesitation, but today he or she will first snap a picture of the invader and a few seconds later post it on the chat, usually with some expression such as, “OMG, Look what I found hiding under my pillow!” and within seconds my naturalist friend Rodrigo Orozco will reply from wherever he may be, urging the sender to keep calm and explaining whether the intruder is harmful or harmless and what steps to take next.

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