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The best hang-gliding experience in Mexico

Los Pozos (The Wells) is a rather curious place, located on the edge of kilometers and kilometers of featureless salt flats, at the foot of a sheer cliff wall that rises straight up for 595 meters.

pg8aA curiosity of Los Pozos is what happens when hot air rising from the salt flats encounters the high cliff wall.

“Termales, what you call thermal updrafts in English, is what happens,” says hang-gliding expert Pedro Kordich. “They are what we wait and live for, just as surfers wait for the big waves.” When the thermals are good, dozens of hang-gliders launch themselves from the very top of the cliff above Los Pozos.

“We soar off into the distance like a hawk or a seagull, wings extended, hovering, then gently floating to a new position where a thermal lifts us higher and higher,” says Kordich. “This is our game, floating and floating, rising and descending and rising again. This is the very maximum for a bird, the quintessence of flying. It is effortless — pure freedom and pure joy.”

This is why Pedro established Kordich Air Sports at Los Pozos, located 40 kilometers southwest of Guadalajara.  Bluntly, he calls it “the best ----ing place to fly in Mexico.”

Dave Naisby, one of the pilots at the airfield, explained why Pedro’s place is so special.

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