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Behind the scenes at Guadalajara five-star zoo

The zoos of my childhood were places where miserably unhappy animals paced away their lives in cages of steel, concrete and glass.

pg8bbFortunately, a revolution took place in the world of zoo keeping, thanks to people who really love animals. Many of today’s zoos are now radically different.

One of the happiest I’ve ever seen—for the animals, keepers and visitors—is the Guadalajara Zoo.

Widely considered the best not only in Mexico, but in all of Latin America, the Zoológico de Guadalajara has been a pioneer and innovator. They have—among many, many other attractions—a teleférico (cable car system) called Sky Zoo, a Safari Park, an Orangutan Skyway, an interactive museum and a first-class aquarium. And are you looking for unusual creatures like manatees, Komodo dragons, axolotls or Antarctic penguins? You’ll find them here!

The zoo is also remarkable for its success in animal reproduction: from Bengal tigers and rhinos to jaguars, gorillas and even the grey Mexican wolf, which is extinct in nature.

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