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Jalisco’s unique Puente de Dios

El Puente de Dios, or God’s Bridge, is located 133 kilometers straight south of the town of Chapala. “It’s a big, beautiful cave with two arched entrances, through which a river flows for something like 200 meters,” I was told, with the assurance that, “there’s nothing else like it anywhere in western Mexico.”

A museum and a saga

The Jalisco town of El Limón lies in a verdant valley well off the beaten track, hidden among mountains, located 123 kilometers southwest of Guadalajara.

Return to Las Águilas: Jalisco’s Stonehenge gets a facelift

On several occasions I have reported on the tall monoliths which stand guard over the town of Cuautla, Jalisco, located 100 kilometers due west of Lake Chapala. The word Cuautla means “the place where the eagles land,” and the overlooking mountain is called Las Águilas.

Tejuino: a favorite hot weather drink

Tejuino was not only popular in pre-Hispanic times, but is still a favorite hot-weather drink in Jalisco, Chihuahua and other places. To find out how it’s made, I had only to drive five minutes from my home outside Guadalajara to the nearest tejuino stand, where brewer Osmar Carmona outlined the procedure: