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Letters To The Editor - September 29, 2018

Dear Sir,

In these past ten years living in the Ajijic area, I have seen and heard many verbal and written complaints about the noise, trash, church bells, fiestas, etc. 

Indeed, things have changed. Ajijic is no longer a “sleepy little fishing village.” Rents have driven local store owners out of business, boutiques are the fashion and prices have flown through the roof.

I was happy before, even when there was no Oxxo or Kiosko to indulge in. I was happy with the church bells, the dogs on roofs and the fireworks barraging the town at all times of day and night.

I enjoyed walking the streets without having to dodge speeding cars, and the disregard for bus drivers who are forced to wriggle their way past SUVs parked on the curbs.

I could complain endlessly about the indulgent and negligent ways of entitled tourists.  I apologize, guests.

And that is all we are … guests. It is not our place to criticize the ways and traditions of any other country.

To hear such blatant (and loud) verbalizations about the customs and ways here is an embarrassment. It is not just rude but unjust, unfair and a characteristic of a people who feel they are entitled to change the world to the way they want it, rather than accepting it for what it is.

W. Rappsilber