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Letters To The Editor - October 03, 2020

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with great sadness and with a divided heart. It is to inform the lakeside community that as of September 22, for family reasons, “Handyman Helping” through the La Bodega de Ajijic restaurant has been unable to continue cooking food for local people in need.

This endeavor that began on April 7, provided 48,653 dishes to families, thanks to the financial support of so many benefactors.

Likewise, we inform you that La Bodega de Ajijic restaurant will be closed until further notice.

We are grateful for your great generosity towards this cause. We also thank all our restaurant staff for their unconditional help, as well as our suppliers, who gave us special prices. We hope to resume restaurant service soon.

Diego, Martha and Javier Gonzalez


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