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Letter To The Editor - December 03, 2022

Dear Sir,

I am writing to concur with your contributor James Novak, in the “Letters to the Editor” section of the November 19-25 edition.

In his comments he points out the dangerous roads and sidewalks around Ajijic and all the possible ways that locals and visitors can injure themselves.

He talks about the nasty pet excrement everywhere, abandoned cars and overgrown streets, with  no law enforcement of these conditions whatsoever.

There is one more observation that cannot be ignored. Noise.

Motorcycles, trucks, cars all driving around with no or modified mufflers, creating a (environment) around town that defies normality. All hours of the day and night.

Why are these noise conditions not supervised by authorities? Set noise standards and enforce them.

Visitors, and those newly moving here, are not having any fun and we can take our money elsewhere.  Lawmakers, do something. Make rules/laws and enforce them.

We travelers talk to each other and this talk will turn off future visitors.

Ajijic has the potential to be Pueblo Magico. Does the city/ village have the courage to correct these issues or are we talking Tragico?

Steve Austill