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Bobby’s La Terraza’s ‘gourmex’ is back

Bobby’s Terraza, a chic west-end Ajijic dining venue with a menu offering both the expected and exotic, has blessedly returned after the pandemic shutdown.

pg16And, as expected, it has retained its precision in pleasing the most finicky diners. With an excellent and diverse menu, dazzling presentations and a dining experience as only Bobby, a 30-plus year veteran of the art, can deliver.

First, not so long ago there was some question whether Mexican food could be classified as “cuisine.” Today, there is an internationally recognized Mexican cuisine – what everybody likes to call authentic Mexican, based on its mix of culinary sensations and influences from the country’s distinct and diverse areas. And this popular venue has become a prime example. Second, Bobby’s Terraza is as cozy and hospitable as its name – with Bobby hosting your visit as one might a gathering of old friends.

Bobby’s menu has changed somewhat, but is still an elegant trove of distinct modern taste sensations, both familiar and exotic at the same time, a trick that has to do with delicate dressings of spices and herbs that don’t smother the natural flavors of the underlying main, but enhance it – a dining category I have dubbed “gourmex.”

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