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New traffic lights installed at tricky intersection

After new sets of traffic lights were installed this week, the renovations of the nodo vial (traffic knot) connecting the south end of the Libramiento bypass and the Chapala-Jocotepec highway have been completed in time for an inauguration ceremony set for Friday, March  5, 7 p.m., just an hour before Mayor Moisés Anaya steps down for an election season leave of absence.

While the local government and traffic authorities have not yet provided information as to how motorists should expect to navigate what some would label the “Intersection from Hell,” the head of the traffic light installation crew provided this newspaper with some helpful insights.

Questioned during the crew’s lunch break on Wednesday, March 10, the gentleman, who preferred to remain anonymous, explained the operation of existing signals and those now added at points both east and west of the crossroads.


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