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Election process in the works

Most immigrant residents of the lakeshore region don’t keep a pulse on local, state and national politics. As the 2024 election season lies on horizon, here’s what is in store for the next 12 months.

Elections for all three levels of government will take place simultaneously on June 2. Before that come the cycles of pre-campaigns for the selection of candidates that are already underway, followed by the formal campaigns by the designated nominees.

In Jalisco the pre-campaign period for gubernatorial and mayoral and state legislature candidate hopefuls runs from this month through January 3. The race for the governor’s seat starts on March 1, with campaigns for state and municipal posts beginning March 31 and all to be concluded on May 29.

On the federal level, presidential, senatorial and congressional pre-campaigns are set for November 20 through January 18, and election races continuing March 1 to May 29.

There will be a breather after election day while voting results are tallied and confirmed and any post-election disputes are settled.

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