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Computer forensics: There are no easy answers

As a computer technicianthere is a question I hear repeated practically every day.  After fixing any information technology problem, as regular as clockwork, I can depend on the client asking, “What happened?” or “Why did that happen?”

Sometimes we are lucky, and the answer to that question is apparent. Or other times, intuition and decades of experience might help me recognize something that might have caused the problem, but spending more time investigating in order to prove my suspicions is simply not practical or economical.  Most of the time, though, there is no obvious or easily identifiable causation for the client’s computer problem.

I realize it is human nature for people to want to know the answer to that question, even when they might not be able to understand the answer if they got one.  That is not enough to stop people from asking the question though, and so one time when a client demanded that I provide some definitive answers as to why his computer broke down, I took it upon myself to do a little research at no charge.

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