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IQ test – Getting Mexican names right

I have had a doctor for the last 14 years and I don’t know for sure what his name is. It’s safest to just call him Doc. If I get his name wrong enough times, I’d understand if he suggested I consider Assisted Living.

Comic book heroes are wimps versus the real thing

Atomic bombs and radiation dangers are in the news these days, thanks to a combination of political power and stage-four paranoia, a lethal combination we didn’t expect to find haunting current world leaders.

The 12 secrets of Coca Cola

When that Coca Cola truck rumbles by you, do you think, “Hey, I could use a Coke right now.” Or, are you just frightened the big red monster will plummet into a sink hole and bury you with it?

Motorcycle rallies: A gentlemanly pastime

A good friend and former neighbor, Mike Thomas, is a motorcycle aficionado, and has been motorcycling for most of his life. He always speaks about it in exhilarating terms.