Last updateFri, 15 Jan 2021 2pm

The cutter ant quatrain

I have spent much of my time lately reading through Nostradamus’s quatrains, looking for the one that predicts all Earthly vegetation being razed by cutter ants. 

Alas, our pets are just pets

As all dog lovers know, you sometimes treat your pal as though he or she were human. Or, they wish they were human. Many times this only brings about disappointment.

We all carry heavy burdens

One good thing as we clean up and stay isolated. It’s now okay to be a flaming hypochondriac. And washing your hands to a ceviche pink is no longer a sign of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Judgment Day etiquette

It appears that Israel is “rebuilding the Temple,” in Jerusalem.  This is the third temple predicted in the Old Testament and a prophetic antecedent to the “End Times.” Which will include Judgment Day, with a halftime show sponsored by Coors Light.

Bias vs. Truth – Part 2

Categorizing or stereotyping people serves the mistaken idea that we know who a Muslim or a Mississippian is and what to think about each of them instantaneously.  “Oh, you’re from Ireland, let me see if we have any whiskey in the house.” The only time this kind of thing doesn’t happen is when bigots don’t know anything about a given group. “Oh, you’re from Mauritania. Uhhhh ... nice.”