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Letterman’s absolute nonsense

Dear Sir,
Word is out that the owner of Televisa dropped American Network because of that stupid commercial of David Letterman’s where he puts on a big sombrero (looking as Mexican as Bugs Bunny) and continues on about when he is in Mexico how he watches Televisa.

We owe a great big thank you

Dear Sir,

I went out this morning for my daily “dog walk” in Ajijic. As I turned onto the carreterra heading toward the park, I ran into a group of 10-15 young adults in orange CONALEP T-shirts with trash bags picking up trash.

Thank You

Dear Sir,
I want to say a huge thank you to the wonderful Mexican people who came to my rescue this week.

International kindness

Dear Sir,

Last Monday I went shopping at Wal-mart to buy a large box of chocolates for my kind and generous Dutch friend’s birthday. I found what I wanted but, unfortunately, the rather heavy box was on the upper shelf. Leaning on my cane, standing on tiptoes, I reached for it but it came down on my forehead next to my hairline.

Fairer way to compare medals

Dear Sir:

The Pan American Games are an offshoot of the Olympic Games, which began as competition among individual athletes but are now viewed as a competition among nations, representing the increasing nationalism that many people deplore.

Clean up your own act

Dear Sir,

Rick Perry, as a presidential candidate you should stop telling other countries to clean up what you should be doing in your own country.