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1001 delights at Lebanese eatery

It is always a pleasure to discover a great new Guadalajara restaurant when you are not expecting it. In the case of Labne, it was more than unexpected – I was putting up active resistance to trying a new place for Sunday brunch, even though I adore Lebanese and other Middle Eastern food.

Central Guadalajara’s brunch mafia

Which is more a telling sign that your civilization has crested and is about to batter itself into oblivion on the rocks of history: an excessive pursuit of leisure, a la the decadent court of Caligula, or a tendency towards self-flagellating, obsessive internal criticism – which, come to think of it, occurs mainly in societies with too much leisure time on their hands?

Dining, drinking in Mexico’s capital

In the event you were contemplating a maiden voyage to Mexico’s capital, don’t let the above review put you off exploring its dining and drinking scene.