Last updateFri, 15 Jan 2021 2pm

Are you and your dog getting along?

If there is one thing that unites many here in Lakeside, it is dog-ownership and understanding dog behavior. Even those without dogs seem to have a certain natural affection for our furry companions, and an equal curiosity about how dogs cleverly pretend to think.

Bless me father for I have... uh!

Based on the worldwide currency of truly bad behavior, in politics, business and daily life, it seems impossible these days to identify sins, as in offenses against the Almighty.

Nature abhors a downsizer

We hit retirement age, our lives become simpler with children off (replaced by small vials of pills), and with large spaces and things collecting dust. So, the first thing we do is plan to downsize.

Are you rattled yet?

Some bad news gets under the radar for a long time, but despite that it still surfaces, hoping somebody will notice it and do something about it.

About pesky Lakeside motorcyclists

A motorcyclist cut in front of me the other day. And I almost hit him. I screamed outrageously at the man. It wasn’t anything I wouldn’t say in front of the president of the United States.