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People of the Year

Most people here and elsewhere on the planet are generally contented to look at 2021 in the rear view mirror, hoping the road ahead for the next 12 months won’t be quite so bumpy.

Adios Scrooge, Hello Magi

So now that Christmas is close at hand it’s the time to pump up our merry-merry mindsets. One way to do that is to adhere to the moral precepts most of us learned in childhood.

Cohetes ¿por qué?

Ajijic´s annual fiestas patronales invariably arouse a barrage of complaints about the dint of ear-splitting fireworks that are ignited at all hours throughout the nine-day celebration.

Aguirre 2.0

I expect many readers weren’t living here 20 years ago when Alejandro Aguirre served his first term as Chapala mayor.

Tributes to the dearly departed

One of the most fascinating facets of Mexico’s commemoration of Día de Muertos is the custom of creating memorial altars laden with offerings to attract lost souls for holiday visits with living loved ones.