Last updateFri, 26 Feb 2021 12pm

Can We Exorcise El Niño?

As Easter and its celebrated miracle approaches, we here at Lakeside also go through a major transformation. In the weather, that is.

Leafer Madness

I have learned recently that leaf blower usage is on the rise at Lakeside and that technically they violate current Jalisco noise pollution laws.  For those on condo and fraccionamiento boards who don’t understand such laws, it means leaf blowers are loud, the kind of loud that can rattle pots and pans. Short of a motorcycle revving up for 20 minutes on your terraza, few things, including Joshua at Jericho, have the power to shake your roof tiles like the fury of a gas-powered leaf blower. 

What Makes a Paradise?

There’s been a rush to find nature’s own original health balms and cures within every earthly nook and cranny, probably from the time Homo Erectus realized chasing mammoths around all week made for serious joint pain.

I am very enfermo

I think as denizens at Lakeside we have an obligation to try to learn Spanish. Even if just to show our hosts that we, as guests, don’t expect them to bear the burden of speaking English for our convenience.

My Retirement Brain in Mexico

Let me say first-off that in most respects, my retirement brain has been a loyal and reliable servant, at least when it comes to my personal safety going up and down stairs after too many margaritas, or trying to convert grams to ounces when preparing margaritas. Or, even just remembering where I leave my margaritas when I go off to take my Krill Oil.