Last updateFri, 26 Feb 2021 12pm

The age of personal exhibition

I don’t have Alexa. Or Siri. Don’t use Facebook or Twitter accounts. So I just go around the house announcing out loud what I’m doing at random times. I have three followers, but I think two are therapists.  I have just explained to my bedroom my new secret ingredient for scrambled eggs. I think it liked it.

Mexico and the Gaia Effect

AMLO (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s new president – yes, he’s an acronym) is pushing forward with plans to build his “Mayan Train,” a tourist transportation mega-project intended to run on 932 miles of track that, say many friends of the Earth, will lay waste to a treasure trove of biodiversity.

The Border Patrol way station

According to The Guardian newspaper, 5,900 active-duty U.S. troops were deployed to the border with Mexico eight days before the midterm elections, seeking to inject fears over immigration into the campaign, and to ensure the president goes down in the history books as the man who saved America from a couple of truckloads of unarmed women and children.